Ankara University (AU) Beypazarı Vocational High School (MYO) 22nd term graduates were given.

Ankara University (AU) Beypazarı Vocational High School (MYO) 22nd term graduation ceremony was done at Mustafa Cankara Congress and Culture Center.

Ceremony started with the Flamenco dance performance of Fırat YALCIN who is also student of Jewelry and Jewelry Design Department.

Manager of the Beypazarı Vocational High School Prof. Dr. Timur Gültekin who made the introduction speech has mentioned at his speech that Beypazarı Vocational High School has been a very big family, in total 400 students have obtained diploma from 8 different programs and said “We have established a fine dialogue with the students and we have tried to provide them to get the best education. I hope we have been able to succeed this. Today we are living the satisfaction of sharing this happiness all together.”.

Mayor of Beypazarı Municipality has also wished success to all graduate students.

Students that have taken their diplomas from the protocol members lived the cheer of graduation by throwing their caps to the air at the end of the ceremony.