At this program that is in mission of training qualified and educated people to the tourism sector that is in need of qualified labor in tourism heaven Turkey, education term is 4 semesters. Graduates of the program can find job at the front office, service, kitchen, bar and flat service departments of the hotels. Purpose of the program is having to get the occupation staff feature to the tourism sector staff that have been working at the tourism sector and have not been able to get higher education and the high school graduates that have not been able to get higher education. At the distance education program that will be designed and applied in scope of blended education model, education activities will be performed based on the printed lesson books, e – books, online lessons, electronic forum, chat and face to face interaction media that have been prepared according to the distance education principles; at the necessary situations, these will be supported with live lessons on video conference and web TV. 70 students will be placed by OSYM to the distance education programs that will be performed at the computer environment. At the programs that will be applied according to the semester basis together with lesson selection system, success of the students will be determined with the exams of face to face sessions and students that have completed successfully to all lessons will graduate and get Vocational High School Associate Degree diploma. This distance education program gives chance to especially to the staff of the tourism sector to get the necessary higher education without participating to the classes together with the distance education. Besides, the distance education programs, conforming to the “Forming distance education environments with interaction by performing national and international cooperation” vision of Ankara University Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012 and can realize its target of “besides to the diploma programs in formal and mass education types, forming an interface between public – university together with continuous and distance education, increasing its relationship with all its stakeholders that it is in relation in the most efficient and most effective level; providing the development of the employees at their works and increasing the satisfaction at the workplace”.