Tourism Guidance Program has started to the education at the 1996 – 1997 education year. Education term of the program is 3 years together with the English language preparation class taken at Ankara center optionally. At this program, education is served to the students by taking into consideration to the modern and educated staff requirement of the rapidly developing tourism sector.

The ones that want to have the Tourist Guide License, can get the Professional Tourist Guide License together with the condition of conformity to the below conditions according to the Guidance Occupation Law published at the year 2012.

Graduates of the Tourism Guidance Program deserve to get Tourist Guide License after getting 75 or more grade from YDS and completion of the 45 days of Turkey tour (tour expenses are paid by the students) of Tourist Guidance Association (TUREB).

Besides, TUREB has been opening foreign language exams for graduates of the guidance department. Oral exam is done at the 1st stage of this exam and the passing students are wanted to make translations on the tourist guidance field. The ones that have taken a definite grade deserve the right of getting the Tourist Guide License after completion of the Turkey tour.

You should visit the web site of TUREB regularly for education tour and exam announcements.