Jewelry and Jewelry Design Program has started to get students by the year 2013. Education and training is the “initial education” and the period of education is four years. There is 45 workdays of internship obligation at the program.


Education at the program is given at the full equipped jewelry and casting workshops. The practical workshop education that is given at the program together with the basic design education is richened with artistic and esthetic values. We also give 3D design trainings on computer with Rhinoceros and Matrix 7 pack programs.


Together with the education served, the students; are trained as transforming their education into products together with the design skills, esthetic point of view, use of technology and functional production principles. Besides, they have been representing our school with their designs and productions at the exhibitions and contests that they have participated.


Employment Opportunities


Students that have graduated from Jewelry and Jewelry Design Program, related to the qualifications that they have obtained, together with the “technician” title;


  • Can be employed at the jewelry and jewelry design sector in director position as design consultant and design consultant helper and trade mark department responsible.
  • At the design and production field of the jewelry and jewelry design sector; they can be employed at the design of the jewelry models, preparation of wax models and prototypes, casting, welding, levelling, stone nailing and polishing stages or they can open their own workshops.
  • Besides they can be employed at the buy and sales works of the jewelry companies.