Ankara University Beypazarı Vocational High School Fashion Design Program has started to get students by the year 2013. Education is carried on with about 80 students at this program. Education and training is the “initial education” and its 4 semesters and language of the education is Turkish.

During the fashion design education, by providing the development of the artistic skills and creativeness of the students, we purpose to have them have the knowledge and skills together with the basic principles and items of art. During the two years of education and training period of the program; practical education is given on preparation of story and color panels when preparing a collection, drawing molds with basis and model application, preparing prototypes, preparing production molds, pastal plans and cutting processes, planning and organization and having the skills and knowledge on work and time survey measurements. There is 45 workdays of internship obligation at the program.

Students of the Fashion Design Program; graduating from our school together with the skills and knowledge for working at the model, mold, planning, design (styling), work – time survey, quality control departments of the ready-made clothing industry. Because textile sector doesn’t require big investments and can process with hand crafts, the graduates have opportunity to open their own workshops or fashion houses in which many people can work together with a small investment. Because textile sector has a very big share at the export of the country, graduates of this program are having more chance to find a job.