At the associate degree program within Shoe Design and Production Program at Ankara University Beypazarı Vocational High School, language of the education is Turkish and foreign language preparation education is taken upon request and there is 45 workdays of internship obligation. We purpose to develop their creativeness and skills for meeting the needs of the sector and having them have the knowledge and skills on design and production.

At the program; design and development of molds, heels, accessories and uppers on hand and on computer, making the model profiles and presses and turning the designs into production by forming a prototype at the end of the cutting, sewing and mounting processes.

Students that have completed the Shoe Design and Production Program; they, as model responsible, designer, model maker, production staff, production responsible and quality control expert can be employed;


  • R&D offices and production workshops of the companies that perform shoe production and supplier industry production,
  • Design studios,
  • Model offices,
  • Formal, mass and higher education institutes that give shoe design and production educations,
  • As technician at the formal offices that perform shoe production.
  • Besides, they can also establish their own design and model offices and open their own production workshops and they can also design and product shoe accessories.

Students of Shoe Design and Production Program can pass to the forward levels of the education by passing to the bachelor’s degree programs mentioned at the exam booklets of the concerned year together with Graduate Transfer Exam at the end of 4th semester.