Emergency and Disaster Management Program was established at the year 2014 within Ankara University Beypazarı Vocational High School. This program has started to the education and training at the 2017-2018 education year at Beypazarı Vocational High School. Purpose of the program is; in the scope of the 2 years (four semesters) of associate degree education and according to the 4th article and a and b items of the 5th articles of Higher Education Law number 2547, for the purpose of meeting the need of qualified personnel in the EMERGENCY AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT field, growing expert personnel that may work at the expert positions of emergency headquarters, civil defense teams, concerning government offices and especially at AFAD, knowing and being able to apply the basic methods that are applied on this field, besides being able to give trainings to the present personnel under his / her unit and having skills for management and direction of the unit of mission. Turkish language and formal education are given in scope of the initial education. The theoretical information given to the students are taken under practice at the 45 days of training application and it is purposed to have them to get ready and to be able to adopt to the work life easily after graduation.

The students that have completed successfully to this program deserve to get associate degree on Emergency and Disaster Management field get the title of “Emergency and Disaster Management Technician” title.